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I Have been contacted by a family in Oakdale, California requesting I put up some missing person information.

We all have times in our life where we have a major unknown or a void that occurs and not knowing can be more devastating than finding out the truth. Below you will see a flyer of a missing man by the name of John Gerard Deny III. He was last seen around April 5, 2017 in Oakdale.

If anyone has any information or any ideas on this, please contact the family in the flyer below or make contact with me through Dawgs Blog and I will pass the information on. Please try to help this family out as the resources are not being put into this missing person as they have some in the past with agenda driven investigations. Let’s get some help for this family.

Below is a post put on John Deny’s daughter’s Facebook page:

Ashley Baldinato:

I want to thank everyone who has shared my post regarding my father. I really appreciate it. I’m about to post an updated flyer with information that I feel is necessary but before I do so I feel it necessary to provide some information. For those who don’t know, my father has been homeless for the last 7 years, he struggles with addiction, and he has made some poor choices throughout his life and has a criminal history. To this I will say, that does not change the person I, and many others, know him to be. Someone who is always helping others even when he has nothing and despite everything someone who has a genuinely good heart. I love my dad with all my heart and I would never wish for any other dad but him. I have only ever wished for him to get help and get better but unfortunately there isn’t much help for people like him. For those who have talked with me about this, you know that I’ve been waiting to graduate nursing school so that I could help him in a way that did not put my family in a difficult position. And I still hope that I get that chance. I have watched my dad’s life get worse and worse throughout the years and it breaks my heart. And unless you have grown up in a similar situation it is impossible to understand how it feels. When everytime there is a body discovered you check to see if it is your father. When you’re happy when he’s in jail because you know he’s safe. I contemplated whether to put his mugshot on this new flyer, because I don’t want to hear hateful comments about someone I love so much. So before I post it I will say this, I will not tolerate any negativity regarding my father despite anything about him. And if anyone feels the need to look down on him or feel that he does not deserve to be investigated to the full extent required to find him please remove yourself from my friends list. I am a product of my father and so many positive things about me come from him. And he raised some darned good kids if I do say so myself. As an update on today, I contacted Riverbank Police Dept. and there is no “detective” on the case. He was assigned a CSO, “community services officer.” Yea, the same people who uphold parking enforcement. Basically nobody who will do or investigate anything despite obvious signs that something is wrong. And the police report sent to RPD? Missing a bunch of critical information. Willingly left out? Who knows. What I do know, I will fight until my last breath to find my father and I will not let him recieve anything but the same investigative power that any other person without his “status” would receive. And I will continue to pray everyday that I find my dad alive despite the odds. To everyone understanding of my position and empathetic to my father, thank you.

Also, please note the pictures and information on the flyer below:

Wazzup Dawg……..


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Earlier this month, Essex County College adjunct professor Lisa Durden appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight and things got pretty heated. Discussing a Black Lives Matter Memorial Day event that was only open to black people, Durden dismissed host Tucker Carlson’s concerns, mocking saying “boo hoo hoo” while adding that “white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card.”

In the wake of the combative segment, which included Carlson calling the professor “demented,” Durden found herself suspended by the college. As of this past Friday, Durden no longer works at the school.

In a statement, Essex County College President Anthony E. Munroe explained that after a “fair and thorough review,” the college had decided they could no longer “maintain an employment relationship with the adjunct.” He also had this to say about Durden’s remarks: “Racism cannot be fought with more racism.”

Following her firing on Friday, Durden told NJ.com that she’s received quite a bit of support from students and faculty and that she believed the school would have her back after her Fox News appearance.

“It should be a safe place for me,” she said of Essex County College. “I thought when I came home from war, I would be safe.” Instead, she said, “I was fired.”

She also said she’s considering legal action against the college for terminating her.


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