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Police: Elementary school teacher let son sell drugs while teens did LSD at her home

An Ohio elementary school teacher faces charges she let her 15-year-old son sell LSD and allowed teenagers to use it in her home.

Forty-year-old Amy Panzeca, of Springboro, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Warren County to charges including permitting drug abuse and endangering children. She was freed on bond.

Prosecutors say Panzeca’s son sold LSD to at least 20 high school students. He faces felony drug charges and is being held in a juvenile detention center.

A drug task force found LSD and marijuana during a searchof the family’s home in May.

Panzeca teaches fifth grade. The Springboro school district has placed her on paid leave.

Panzeca’s attorney couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Still just shaking my head…….

Baltimore crews take down confederate monuments overnight



At the Wyman Park Dell in Baltimore, a large pedestal sits empty where Robert E Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson once stood. The stone block is now covered with graffiti, both celebrating and denouncing the downfall. This removal, which happened in the middle of the night, was one of four confederate statues stripped away in the dead of the night.

Also removed was a monument to The Confederate Women’s Monument on West University Parkway, The Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Mount Royal Avenue, and the Roger B . Taney Monument, on Mount Vernon Place.

Removing these statues, were city contractors and workers. Mayor Catherine Pugh was seen at the statue overnight, watching the removal process. Despite the late hour, dozens gathered at the statues, primarily to celebrate the action.

“We need to destroy these symbols,” said Ryan Harbey.

“But more importantly we need to destroy these systems that maintain racism today,” Harbey added.

See video and Read more here

Something wrong when it has to be done under the cover of darkness…….

Charlottesville driver previously accused of beating mother



The driver charged with killing a woman at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville was previously accused of beating his mother and threatening her with a knife, according to police records released Monday.

Samantha Bloom, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, repeatedly called police about her son, James Alex Fields Jr., in 2010 and 2011, telling officers he was on medication to control his temper, transcripts from 911 calls show.

Fields, 20, is accused of ramming his car into a crowd of counter-protesters on Saturday in Charlottesville, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

Fields, described by a former high school teacher as an admirer of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, was charged……


OK he is a shithead, so are we going to try him in the press? Probably…….Maybe he deserves it too?

Deputies Arrest Protester Accused of Helping Topple Confederate Statue


From Fox 40

Deputies arrested a North Carolina college student for her alleged role in tearing down a Confederate monument during a protest Monday outside Durham County’s former courthouse, WTVD reports.

Takiyah Thompson, 22, is charged with two felony counts – participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $1,500 and inciting others to riot where there is property damage in excess of $1,500 – as well as disorderly conduct by injury to a statue and damage to real property, both misdemeanors.

Thompson was arrested after speaking at a news conference Tuesday, telling the crowd she used a ladder to scale the monument and tie the rope in place to help bring down a statue that “glorifies the conditions that oppressed people live in.”


California sues Trump administration over threats to ‘sanctuary cities’

From the Sacramento Bee:

California filed a lawsuit Monday against the Trump administration over its threats to withhold public safety funds from so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Monday.

The move follows a U.S. Department of Justice directive issued by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in July that seeks to require cities and counties that declare themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in order to receive federal law enforcement grants.

Becerra called the federal directive “unconstitutional” and “unlawful,” saying in a statement that the Trump administration “cannot manipulate federal grant fund requirements to pressure states, counties or municipalities to enforce federal immigration laws.”

He also argued that it’s up to Congress to appropriate federal grant funding, not Sessions’ Department of Justice.

“The Trump administration is starting with the very misguided premise (that) ……Read more

Here we go, but I guess it needs to be decided one way or another anyway. But it does seem to coincide with the liberal Logic of it is my body to do as I please but you have to pay for it.