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What the fuck?
TEXAS CITY, Texas — A woman whose four dogs killed a neighbor’s beagle is suing the owners of the dead dog for $1 million.

Emerald White’s three pit bulldogs and a pit-bull mix broke through the families’ common fence Oct. 27 to attack the 10-year-old beagle named Bailey. White, who has since moved from the home and could not be reached for comment, said in her lawsuit that she was seriously injured trying to stop the attack and retrieve her dogs.

The horrifying images are still fresh in Tiffany Baker’s mind.

“When I looked out the window, I saw my dog on her back, whimpering, and I saw two pit bulls attacking her,” Baker said.

Bailey eventually was able to walk over to the side of the Bakers’ house, where she died.

“The dog at that house attacked her, bit her, scratched her, injured her,” said lawyer Paul Houston Lavelle, who filed the suit Nov. 10. “Her dogs attacked the beagle, when the dog started attacking her.”

Lavelle said White should not be responsible for her medical bills and also said he has received threatening e-mails from people since taking on this case.

The suit contends that Bailey first tried to enter White’s property through a hole in their fence, and her dogs chased the beagle back home.

Not long before the incident, Steve Baker said he had worked to replace parts of the current fence to make it more secure and safe for his dog and family.

Steve Baker thinks that his dog never went on the offense and that she was only trying to stay alive. He also believes that the lawsuit is retaliation for 16 citations that Galveston County Animal Control issued to White after the attack.

Pit bull owners are the fucking worst low life scum of the earth

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  1. There is NO reason for people to own pits. And my wife calls them ghetto dogs. They are also among the ugliest dogs. Why not get a breed that can be trusted at least 95% of the time to not attack unless there is a genuine threat?

  2. I agree pit owners are like some gun owners and feel powerful because of it. They are simply a menace to society plain and simple. The body counts prove it..

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