This is Kalifornia now

California’s Proposition 47, a ballot measure that reduced penalties for certain crimes, has already led to the release of hundreds of jail and prison inmates statewide and inundated courts with scores of applications from people who want their records cleansed of felonies.

“Prop. 47 was a smoke bomb dropped in every courtroom in California,” said Yolo County Superior Court Judge Dave Rosenberg, “and we are working on clearing out the smoke.”

The retroactive measure reduced several nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors — slashing sentences for those in prison — and made it possible for people who were convicted decades ago to have their felony records disappear.

Judges expect that tens of thousands of Californians may seek to have felony convictions reduced. The workload has surged for courts, and some agencies are planning to ask for more money to pay for the additional work.

Well done I say to the idiot voters in California, people said this would save money but no one could explain how. All these appeals to the courts now Is not a savings, in addition transporting all these inmates to the courts.

But as you all know it was for the kids, Which is what they say every time they want something, But again no one can explain how the kids benefit from it.