April 12, 2012   Glendon Engbert was killed by a deranged gunman fighting an eviction notice. Also killed was Stanislaus Deputy Sheriff Robert Paris. Condolences go out to both Families. Said with all sincerity.

Deputy Paris was working in the civil division enforcing an eviction order and had with him a locksmith to drill out the locks on the security door. As Mr. Engbert was doing as asked shots rang out from inside and the door was riddled with bullets from a high power assault weapon killing both Mr. Engbert and Deputy Paris. A long barricaded situation commenced after that resulting in the suicide of the suspect after setting the house on fire. I am not going to go into the details that is for others, my commentary is about one particular issue.

The widow of the deceased locksmith has of course sued citing a wrongful death. Legal proceedings are commencing.   An article in today’s newspaper reports Stanislaus County Atty’s are requesting the records of any mental health records Of Mr. Engbert as if he was to blame for this, And any information from his widow if they were using any type of birth control.

WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?   Yes they are wanting to know if they used any type birth control.

A judge in October allowed county lawyers a look at three years of mental health and marriage counseling records of Glendon and Irina Engert, saying the documents could help determine the scope of her loss and set a value on his lost income. County lawyers also have sought to probe the couple’s bank records and birth control and fertility history, as well as electronic devices including computers, cameras and cellphones.

The Engerts’ attorney argued that the county’s “kitchen sink” approach grossly violates the right to privacy of Irina Engert.

Attorneys want to see if his computer use included “searches related to online dating websites” and “divorce, depression and/or suicide,” the paper says.

Pretrial depositions suggest that Glendon Engert enjoyed “Galaxy Online,” a space strategy game, two or three hours a day, and “occasionally made money” playing online poker with FullTilt.com and other games at WorldWinner.com. His widow testified that gaming, often including his mother, consumed “several hours” each night, a document says.


I am one to believe in due process and diligence in the people doing that due process, But this is an outright attempt to harass or intimidate the widow, at the very least to victimizer again.

This is what the justice system has reduced it to, Fishing expeditions to FUCK with the plaintiffs hoping they go just away by any means.

We as a people of this country need to step up and hold more people accountable that are allowing or even endorsing this type of thing. It is despicable that anyone would even consider this type action or thought in the first place. Why are we allowing this stuff? Why don’t we put a stop to this stuff?

We are the Government and we do not have any say just pay for it because we have allowed this shit to happen over and over again.

I am a former Deputy Sheriff, Not in this county, and I worked 6 years in the court services division as a bailiff. That time was a biggest eye opener in my entire career. To see on a daily basis what goes on during and after court is totally amazing, and I would hope the public would be outraged at what really happens there. Justice is not served in the courts. It is a smoke and mirror game that is played by all atty’s involved and the jury never gets to hear all the information to make an informed decision.

Why is it you ask? Because the atty’s have manipulated the system to their benefit and have done it brilliantly. They drag out due process to make more money and not for the benefit of their clients. The motions in the Engbert case by the Stanislaus atty’s is exactly what I am talking about. Not only is that an insulting frivolous motion, it is one to make someone a lot of money on the backside. This is typical how they work.

I know I sound like a broken record sometimes but we really need to put a stop to this nonsense by pressuring lawmakers to making changes. We have to get those old good ol boys out of there and get new and fresh ideas in office. There is only one way to do that get out and vote and make the changes needed. One source cites there are 51 million eligible voters that are not registered to vote, Don’t you think that number can make a difference?

Locally in our last election, seeing the numbers personally as I am a poll worker, Only about 24% showed up to actually vote. This is why we have a guvment doing as they please and not working for us. Apathy is our worst enemy.

Make a change so people like widow Engbert do not have to victimized all over again.

Contact the Stanislaus County councils office to let them know your displeasure.

County Counsel

1010 Tenth St.
Suite #6400
Modesto, California 95354

Phone: (209) 525-6376   Fax  (209)5254473

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