Merced County District Attorney Larry Morse II may place the detective who arrested his son earlier this year on a list of law enforcement investigators whose credibility can be questioned in court, the Merced Sun-Star has learned.

Morse said the detective was paid out of a fund used exclusively to investigate agriculture crimes, but was actually working on unrelated cases, including taking Ethan Morse into custody on suspicion of murder.

Morse, additionally, asked the California Office of the Attorney General to evaluate whether the deputy, Detective Roy Tighe, and his supervisor, Detective Sgt. Chuck Hale, broke any laws when they submitted six inaccurate timecards over the last year.

Morse denied having any vindictive motives, saying he was not seeking reprisals against the detectives for arresting his son, but that the timecard issue could speak to the credibility of the detectives when they testify in future cases.

This is solely done for purpose of discrediting a police officer in case he ever has to testify against his son who is involved in a homicide. Up until this point I have been supportive of this DA and the onslaught of haters that have been riding him. But this is out of line and definitely he out of control with this type action.
It is a sad state of affairs when we elect people to these positions. He needs to be removed from office and investigated by the Atty. Generals office and the DOJ.