Kurt Sutter was NOT happy about the leak :

It has been brought to my attention that our SOA Collector’s Edition Book has been sent out a week early by some distributors and book outlets. This book contains details about the final episode of the series. This, my friends, is a storyteller’s worst nightmare.

I wanted this book to be a compliment to the show. It contains personal messages and photos from the cast, in-depth behind the scenes information and a detailed breakdown of episodes. It’s a smart, well-conceived book that I was very excited for the fans to have.

AFTER the motherf—— finale. There are a thousand f—— people I can blame. And I assure you, by the time I am done, my f—— basket will be filled with heads of incompetent c—-. But as far as the fans go, the burden is on me.

Sutter apologized to the many fans who may have found themselves spoiled ahead of Tuesday’s final episode.

Do look at this image if you do not want to know the spoiler: