Where’s Sharpton and Jackson?

YouTube Poster
A five year old girl who had done nothing wrong was wantonly murdered as she sat on the lap of her grandfather. You haven’t heard about it? That’s not surprising; while the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons of the world posture and bloviate about violence and a lack of respect for human life that permeates communities, they routinely keep quiet about attacks that happen every single day in America unless the victim was a person of color and there are television cameras pointed at them.
You see, the left isn’t interested in telling the story of the murder of Laylah Petersen because Petersen doesn’t fit the preferred narrative. What I mean is: Petersen was white.
While sitting on her grandfather’s lap, a hail of bullets rang throughout the house in a mostly-black neighborhood in Milwaukee. Reports indicate that two black males went to the door of the house and opened fire on the house that belonged to Laylah’s grandparents.
The neighborhood in which Laylah’s grandparents lived is 77% black and only 14% white.
Of course, nobody yet knows the motive behind this heinous crime; but then again, nobody bothered to ask about the motive before Sharpton, Jackson, Attorney General Eric Holder and the partisan media pounced on the shooting deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.
All they knew is that a black person was killed by a white (or, in the case of Martin, a Hispanic) person. All other facts melted away in the early moments of rage and rhetoric and little Laylah Petersen lies dead and the race-hustlers and dividers don’t give a…FUCK…….

Either they are advocates for justice or they are not!!!!