1) If victims were white, would ‘justice’ be the same?

2) As a society, we cannot accept injustice

3) Brown, Garner, Rice all made poor, fateful decisions

MY Response:

Everyone wants to continually talk about injustice, Including The president and others like the Mayor of Sacramento. Too bad no one stops to think that justice was done with the current way our system is set up. And has been used for a couple hundred years. There was a investigation by law enforcement and browns, Trayvons, and garners family’s and lawyers and hired pathologists.
There was a grand jury convened in all cases due to public pressure and not the need to do so.
All cases found not to charge the shooters based on what actually happened.
That is how justice works in this country. Get used to it or change it. Don’t just stand around and whine about what didn’t happen. But as many people that do not show up to vote on election days nothing is going to change But those same people I bet are whining the loudest about injustice.
Simply put up or shut up.