A TV and video game actor was charged with killing and cooking his ex-girlfriend’s pet rabbit, sending her grisly photos of the procedure and threatening to do the same thing to her, authorities said Wednesday. Dimitri Diatchenko, 46, of North Hollywood, was charged Tuesday with felony counts of cruelty toContinue Reading

Men caught buying sex from underage prostitutes could soon find their faces plastered on billboards in Southern California under a proposed ordinance in the nation’s most populous county. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a “john-shaming” publicity campaign on Tuesday, sending the proposed ordinance to lawyers toContinue Reading

Ryan Holle did not kill anyone with his own hands. But he lent his car to friends who later killed a young woman in her home, and that was enough to convict Holle of first degree murder. After a long, boozy night of partying in Pensacola in 2003, Holle handedContinue Reading

A series of spectacular cyberattacks drew headlines this year, and the situation will only worsen in 2015 as hackers use more advanced techniques to infiltrate networks, security researchers said Tuesday. McAfee Labs’ 2015 Threats Predictions report sees increased cyber-warfare and espionage, along with new strategies from hackers to hide theirContinue Reading