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Twin sisters get into fight over boyfriend, sex toy

Two twin sisters in Florida got into a serious physical fight over two very specific items.

Heidi and Holly Creamer live together with Heidi’s boyfriend in an apartment in Ellenton. Apparently living in such close quarters isn’t such a good idea for the two sisters as a verbal argument erupted into a physical altercation, requiring police intervention.

The fight was over Heidi’s boyfriend and a vibrator.

According to the report found at The Smoking Gun, Heidi slugged Holly and when police arrived at the apartment they found Heidi locked outside, pounding on the front door and screaming obscenities at her bloodied sister. Heidi was eventually placed in a squad card all while screaming that she was fighting with her sister Holly over a vibrator and her boyfriend.

Cops did not describe the exact nature of the duo’s dispute over Heidi’s boyfriend or the vibrator.

But then again they don’t have to.

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