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I know it is upside down-just like California

Thanks to the idiot voters, A recent ballot measure to reduce some felonies to misdemeanors in California could hurt alternative sentencing programs for drug offenders.

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that Proposition 47 removes the incentive for addicts to sign up for drug courts.

Drug courts have been around since the 1990s to provide treatment instead of prison sentences for low-level felony offenders.

Under Proposition 47, however, felonies for drug possession and some other nonviolent offenses have been reduced to misdemeanors and bring shorter prison sentences.

A San Diego judge says all the possible drug court candidates recently eligible for reduced sentences under Proposition 47 have opted for the misdemeanor punishment.

Los Angeles Judge Michael Tynan says he fears he may have seen the last large drug court graduation in Los Angeles County.

For information: Due to state budget cuts by Guvner Moonbeam the prisons and jails are at such a capacity that non violent offenders are not being incarcerated, So these druggies are taking the lesser charges now so they can keep shooting their drugs. Now people will be more victimized by thieves wanting to increase their ever increasing habits.

I guess Californians subscribe to the Nancy Pelosi theory in passing legislation, “We have to pass the legislation to see what is in the legislation.” IDIOTS ALL!!!

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