My heart goes to this family and their loss, That would be tough to take. Who is to blame for this?

In my Personal opinion the legalization of drugs and passive attitude towards them is leading our children down a bad road. and sending bad messages. They see parents and many in society saying there is no harm in drugs and feel it is ok to try or use them. We as a society have to take credit for this and no one is exempt from blame.

In California we even passed a idiots law, Prop 47, Making drug usage, In essence, a none punishable offence. We have become so self absorbed in this “I want mine attitude”  people are forgetting the long term effect on our kids.

Drug court numbers are now starting to dwindle already, That was a system to offer alternatives of getting help instead of jail with jail as a hammer to keep them in programs. Now the drug crimes are of such a minor offence people are taking the charges and not looking for programs. How is now they are going to get help with this type of acceptance of their behaviors.