Some FUCKED UP IDIOT out of San Francisco produced this video in a effort to “PROTECT OUR CHILDREN” At the same time this FUCKED UP IDIOT is telling kids to commit several felonies including taking a loaded gun to school. No matter what side of the gun control issue you areContinue Reading

IN ANOTHER WHAT THE FUCK! MOMENT IN KOREA South Korean prosecutors are seeking to arrest the former executive at Korean Air Lines Co. who forced a flight to return over a bag of macadamia nuts and a current executive for attempts to cover up the “nut rage” case. Seoul WesternContinue Reading

Black students at Oberlin College with failing grades are demanding a free pass due to the recent events surrounding Michael Brown, Eric Garner and the “Black Lives Matter” protests. In a related report, black students at Columbia University and even Harvard Law requested an extension for semester final exams dueContinue Reading