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Elon Musk has confirmed an upgrade for the Tesla Roadster, the electric car company’s convertible model, and says that the new features significantly boost its range — beyond what many traditional cars can get on a tank of gasoline.

There are three retrofits coming to the Roadster, according to Tesla. First is a battery upgrade that marks a 31-percent increase in capacity, letting the vehicle roll further on a single charge. Next is an “aero kit” that’ll alter the car’s profile slightly, producing a 15-percent reduction in drag due to wind resistance. Finally, the company said in a blog post Friday, the Roadster will be getting new, more efficient tires.

The result is an electric vehicle that can reliably travel about 350 miles before needing a recharge. That’s pretty similar — or even better — compared to many conventional gasoline-powered cars. The University of Michigan estimates that the average fuel economy of a new car in 2014 was about 25 miles per gallon. With a 12- or 13-gallon tank, that gets you about 325 miles on a single fill-up.

“There is a set of speeds and driving conditions,” said Tesla, “where we can confidently drive the Roadster 3.0 over 400 miles.”

The old Roadster can travel up to 244 miles on a single charge, according to the company, which makes the new Roadster’s 400-mile range a nearly 2x improvement.

With the Roadster’s starting price still hovering at over $100,000, most of us won’t be reaping the benefits of this technology upgrade anytime soon. But, said Musk, expect it to arrive eventually in the Model S.

“It obviously *will* happen long-term,” he tweeted.

Electric Cars in this country is way overdue

and has been hampered by a lot of self serving people.

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