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The ex-wife of Oklahoma oil magnate Harold Hamm has appealed a November divorce ruling that awarded her $1 billion, citing 78 alleged errors and missteps that caused a judge to grossly undervalue her stake in one of America’s greatest oil fortunes.

Sue Ann Arnall’s appeal assails as “inappropriate” Judge Howard Haralson’s decision to allow lawyers for both her ex-husband and his oil company, Continental Resources, to “double team” her during an epic divorce trial.

It also disputes the court’s acceptance of a revised version of Continental’s corporate history that falsely dates hugely profitable moves as occurring before the couple’s 26-year marriage began.

The Nov. 10 ruling being appealed ordered Hamm to pay Arnall around $1 billion, including cash and assets, over a period of years. The divorce judgment ranks as one of the largest in U.S. history, but allowed Harold Hamm to retain most of the wealth stemming from his 68 percent Continental stake as “separate property.”

During trial, Arnall’s lawyers had valued the marital estate at around $18 billion.

But she insists that she is not bitter,

And it goes to the mentality that some people have it is never enough.

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