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The fans of hit biker drama ‘Sons of Anarchy’ may once again get the taste of the show if Kurt Sutter releases John Teller’s manuscript, the ‘Life and Death of Sam Crow.’

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A day after the final episode of the series was aired Sutter had said that he will soon release the manuscript.

“My plan was always to release the ‘Life and Death of Sam Crow’ at the end of the series and document that and what that book was and what those letters were, but here’s ultimately what happened — as we started thinking more and more about this prequel on the First 9 at this point I’m thinking more of a one off like a miniseries, like maybe 10 episodes or two 8 episodes seasons,” Sutter said, according to Nerd Core Movement.

“I felt like to put out that manuscript with his history before that aired was going to handcuff me too much.”

He had also reportedly planned to release the prequel of the series based on the major character of ‘SOA.’

It was to be based on the first 9 characters of ‘SOA’ who came back home from Vietnam. However, the new report says that Sutter may have put the plans of the prequel and the manuscript on the backburner.

He is said to have got busy with his new show ‘The Bastard Executioner.’ The forthcoming series is a historical fiction drama series and will be set in the early 14th century. It will focus on the story of a knight in King Edward III’s army, who decided to give up weapons after witnessing the horrors of war. But later, circumstances forced him to pick up the bloodiest sword of all.

Meanwhile, there is buzz that Sutter may come up with a mini series where he will chronicle the inception of SAMCRO club.

‘SOA’ finale aired earlier this month. The last episode left the fans teary eyed after Jax Teller died (Charlie Hunnam).

SOA swan song:

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