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Synopsis of typical guvment spending

JULY 1 2013

Shoppers are now paying more for their purchases in the City of Atwater.

A voter approved sales tax increase took effect today. Shoppers went about their business in Atwater Monday. most unaware the city’s sales tax is now eight percent instead of seven point five

” I totally forgot. I had voted for it, but I totally forgot today is the day,” said Elaine Wheeler an Atwater shopper.

Voters narrowly approved the Measure H increase in March. It equates to an extra 5 cents for every $10 paid on taxable items.

” It’s too much money. People barely make it with what they have,” Ester Villanueve an Atwater shopper.

But supporters say it’s necessary to support public safety in the city. The tax is expected to bring in about $1.3 million each year to help improve staffing levels and purchase equipment.

” It’s going to save police officers, some of them from being laid off, along with fire, and I’m extremely happy it was passed,” said Frank Pietro, Police Chief and City Manager.

Pietro took over as Interim City Manager in August, with the city on the brink of bankruptcy. The police department had lost 10 positions since 2007, and the remaining officers agreed to a 22 percent pay cut late last year to help Atwater overcome its financial crisis.

Chief Pietro says he will make recommendations for exactly how to spend the Measure H money, but an advisory committee and the city council will have to approve any spending. This tax will last a maximum of ten years.

Has anyone ever seen a tax that ever goes away?

6 Months later January 23,2014:

Atwater looks at new firetruck as potential for Measure H funding

A shiny, new piece of fire equipment was on display Thursday – and it’s at the top of some wish lists for Measure H funding.

The 109-foot ladder truck is what the Fire Department needs to protect the city, said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Mark Pimentel. The department’s current ladder reaches no more than 35 feet, leaving some larger businesses unprotected in the event of a fire.

“This is a vital piece of equipment for the city,” Pimentel said. “Others might see this as an expenditure that doesn’t need to be made, but it will actually save us from having to purchase an engine in the near future.”
A 109 foot ladder in a city where there are no buildings above 2 stories, And a fire official makes a ignorant comment like “it will save us from buying a engine in the near future.”

This purchase is buying a new engine in the present, and saying just anything is how some self serving idiots think in Government.

Headline in paper on 1-9-2015:

$80,000 more for Atwater firetruck equipment irks some on council

The City Council, which didn’t include Price at the time, approved the controversial firetruck purchase. The $890,048 was the final price tag.

Over the next 10 years, the firetruck will be paid for using funds from Measure H, a half-cent tax increase approved by voters to support public safety. But some officials said they didn’t know the firetruck’s equipment would need to be purchased separately, costing taxpayers an additional $80,000 from Measure H funds.

So let me get this straight: A city tax goes in to help  the cities public safety because of not enough personnel and there were wage cuts to help the budget. 6 months after enacting this tax, They decide to buy a almost $900,000 dollar truck that is capable of reaching 109 feet in the air in a city that does not have any structures above 2 stories in the whole city but say it is needed for public safety.

Then it is revealed the truck is not equipped to actually fight fires, It has no hoses or actual equipment apparently just a shell of a truck. And a additional $80,000 is needed to equip this savior for the city. No one could say to the sellers equip it or we don’t want it?

On the good side it will be a excellent resource to get fluffy down out of those trees.

The only reason things like this are done is because we as a public are apathetic to do something about it. So they continue to hold their hands out when they have a pet peeve. When will we have enough? Lets fucking do something about it!

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