Pair charged for allegedly stealing $6,700 worth of items from Wal-Mart

A pair of suspects from Jefferson County have been charged after allegedly attempting to abscond with more than $6,700 worth of merchandise from the Cambridge Wal-Mart early Wednesday morning.
51-year-old David Cope of Toronto and 34-year-old Christopher Humphreys of Steubenville, were charged with one count felony five theft each on Wednesday in Cambridge Municipal Court.
According to the Cambridge Police Detectives, Officer William Calvert was patrolling the Wal-Mart parking lot and noticed the suspects hurriedly emptying merchandise from four shopping carts into the back of a vehicle. Before they could leave the scene, Calvert requested back-up and stopped the pair for questioning. Cope and Humphreys reportedly gave conflicting stories of where they were traveling to and why they had stopped at the Southgate Road business. One suspect is also said to have given a false name.
A probable cause search of the suspects’ vehicle allegedly revealed stolen duffel bags and backpacks full of electronic equipment and clothing, along with multiple televisions and DVD players, all of which were apparently stolen from the Wal-Mart. Store employees were able to verify that the merchandise was worth approximately $6,710.
Cope and Humphreys remain in custody, in the Guernsey County Jail.  Bond hearings for both men are set for Thursday (1/15).  Further charges against Cope and Humphreys are expected to be submitted to the Grand Jury for possible indictment.

Somebody please tell me how two idiots can gather up $6,700 worth of products in 4 carts and not get noticed by store personnel. Maybe the thieves are not the only tweekers in that town…….

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