A Classic case of a turd with a badge and a gun in his hand A former Kentucky police officer is suing a gun store after he was handed a loaded weapon and shot off his own finger. Darrell Smith was with the Glasgow Police Department before the accident leftContinue Reading

This is part one of a multi part story about the Criminal case against AJ Pontillo In Stanislaus County, California. I sat down with AJ recently and listened to his side of this saga. Here is a synopsis: In 2007 investigators began contacting employees to tell them he was breaking the lawContinue Reading

This is a follow up from yesterdays post on the asswipe car Dealership Current and former employees of a car dealership in Westport, Massachusetts took to local radio on Friday to point fingers and to apologize for a viral video that showed them lambasting a pizza delivery guy over aContinue Reading

Dumb Laws in Illinois It is against the law to have sex with a corpse in Illinois Full text of the law. Sex offenders in Illinois are prohibited from participating in holiday events like handing out candy at Halloween and Easter or dressing like Santa at Christmas, except under specificContinue Reading