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Part 2

The time spent in jail and more:


When AJ was taken into custody he was placed in segregation in Option 1 and is what he described as a TB cell, a room surrounded by four steel walls and no outside exposure. During the booking process he was headed for the general population but was decided by a deputy he needed to be isolated with no explanation given.

Sometime later his co-defendant is placed in the unit too. AJ is in custody about ten days and was not allowed to use utensils to eat or anything not considered absolutely necessary. Also he was not allowed certain exercise periods or other lawful requirements given to inmates. When he inquired to why he was segregated he never received any response.

Not being someone who was ever used to being incarcerated, the only thing that really helped AJ through the in custody time was the inmates that helped him out and kept him informed of the policies and procedures. And these are the same inmates who are allegedly his “VICTIMS” in the criminal case.

The DA was constantly fighting any bail saying any money used for bail would be from illegal sources, So much for the benefit of the doubt and innocent until proven guilty theory. In addition Bail is not supposed to be used as punishment but only that an assurance of appearance in court.

AJ’s wife who was suffering from Marfan syndrome was also employed at the business and was very stressed over the turns of events. Due to the high stress of the situation and the upcoming preliminary hearing, While 8 months pregnant she passed away from her condition.

She died 11-23-2012 at 4:00 am in AJ’s arms. The baby was still born. Dealing with this and the case against him AJ had a preliminary hearing less than a month away.

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