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Part3 Linda Taylor AKA The Copsucker

Initial legal proceedings were started with the Feds Charging some civil rights violations that had no teeth or merit. It was what I personally have seen done in the past and is part of the strategy of high pressure deal making in the system.

The Feds were pressing AJ to take a federal deal on these charges, Which he refused to do because they were not true, which he claimed all along and vowed to fight everything. In addition if he had pled out to those charges it would have been used against him in any future hearings or charges at the local level.

As discovery started to trickle in from the justice dept. There was one person who seemed to stand out and it was confusing to her actual knowledge and personal involvement in the case. This person will be referred to as the “Copsucker”.

This Copsucker is someone who is a cop groupie and likes to make things about her, I am personally familiar with this person and she likes to call herself a “advocate” . She lives in a neighboring town and I have no idea what she advocates for because she just rants and raves and never makes sense and loves to throw accusations around recklessly and never really knows what she is talking about. Just like to scream and yell.

Copsucker had made depositions and statements to the FBI about activities by AJ but had never been in the building or had any dealings with the business. She is very friendly with all the investigators in the DA’s office and in fact is on a personal basis with them. Me personally being former law enforcement would have gotten to know her I am sure  if had worked in this county. Copsucker must be very good at some things because there are some in Law Enforcement that are catering to her ramblings, I can only imagine.

Copsuckers information may have in fact been what led to the initial investigation, And she continues to this day to bad mouth AJ in commenting in blogs in the area. All the information that was in the discovery was easily disputed by AJ as he is a very good record keeper and this really was probably his saving grace.

When more discovery was handed over on the local level there was numerous references about AJ’s written words on Facebook and blogs in the local paper, For some reason someone felt his social media activities were relevant to the charges at hand in this case. Why would a DA investigator sit down and read online comments by AJ.

My suspicion is that Copsucker provided that information to them as she was feeling like she was really someone these days because she is being led along by the nose by guys with guns, In fact she told me one time people think she is really someone in this area, but  she is no more than a pimple on a ass. And probably paid for all services rendered.

Sadly sometimes people in Law Enforcement listen to unreliable people like Copsucker when they have a burning desire to arrest someone. They end up not getting convictions because of bad information but they end up ruining someone financially and in AJ’s case he lost something more important than that, A wife and a unborn child. A fate worse than going to jail.

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