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A repeat offender was arrested on suspicion of burglary north Modesto, Ca.

Officers responding to a silent alarm at Panda Express were alerted to a second silent alarm next door at CVS Pharmacy, Graves said.

A rock had been used to shatter a window at the Panda Express and the cash register area had been ransacked.

Officers found the CVS in similar condition but located the cash register outside where the burglar had thrown it against a dumpster to gain access.

“He got a very small amount of cash,” Graves said

The suspect, 35-year-old Robert Graves, was found walking toward the Panda Express. He is not related to her, Heather Graves said.

“He was on probation for burglary and had a no-bail burglary warrant,” Graves said. “While talking to officers, he admitted to the burglary at CVS and said he only got six days (in jail) for his last burglary conviction so he had nothing to lose.”

Welcome to the new California where IDIOT voters and the state have decided that there should be no penalties for crime, This gentleman had nothing to lose because his last sentence for a felony was only six days.

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