What is justice these days? The AJ Pontillo story…….

Part 4   The preliminary hearingVLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Having dealing with the loss of two family members less than a month prior, The 3 month prelim was started and went as planned for the DA as they usually do.

Preliminary hearing are based on a lot on heresay evidence and not direct evidence like in a trial, So many shortcuts and non facts are introduced, To be honest I am surprised that the prelim actually went 3 months, but that must have been because of the strength of the defense Atty and concerns to the DA that caused.

Many police officers, almost all DA investigators, Testified, or as AJ loves to refer to as testilied, Some of the so-called “victims” who were actually AJ’s clients were there and testified to the things that they were told that were crimes committed against them by people at the bail bond company.

Now these people had an agreement with AJ for a bail bond and had agreed to a contract for those services to get out of jail, And were actually sympathetic to AJ because he helped them and they were the one assisting him I his custody time. But I know personally how easy it is to convince some people they have been wronged somehow, especially when they may have something like a dismissal of charges to be gained.

Prelim started Dec. 17th 2012 and ended on March 4, 2013 with AJ being held to answer in the charges.

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