Retro of the day: Ted Nugent

Stranglehold” is a single and the first track from Ted Nugent‘s self-titled 1975 album. The vocals are performed not by Nugent, but by Derek St. Holmes. The “Sometimes you wanna get higher” verse is sung by Ted himself. In Martin Popoff’s book, “Epic Ted Nugent”, Nugent admits that the song “Stranglehold” was co-written by Rob Grange, yet he never received a share for co-writer.[2] “Stranglehold” would set the stage for Nugent’s career, a guitar-driven track over eight minutes long – its famous guitar solo having been recorded in a single take.



  1. I’ve seen Ted 3 times, great shows and he sounds awesome live! I would like to make a request if possible, IRON MAIDEN!!

    • I like ted even more now with his honest way of talking.
      Iron Maiden it is , good choice. requests are always welcome. Thank you.

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