Tv Retro of the day: Airwolf

Airwolf is a helicopter (like, duh), but it’s no ordinary helicopter. As you would expect since this is a television show, it flies very fast and has big guns. The basic story outline is that Stringfellow Hawke got up one morning and was a bit bored, so instead of going out and doing some gardening or something, he decided to go and nick a helicopter. Hey, it’s better than going around nicking cars, at least you don’t have any problem with traffic.
The real reason is that his brother St. John Hawke was missing in action in Vietnam, and he needs some leverage to get him found. He will return Airwolf if they (the government) can find him.
Stringfellow hides airwolf in the desert somewhere in the Western United States. He brings it out to play every now and then when Archangel, deputy director of the agency that mislaid the helicopter, has some sort of mission for him. Then Hawke and his buddy Dominic pack up their lunch and go and upset whoever they are tasked with upsetting.
There was the argument going around about what Helicopter was the best at the time, Airwolf or Blue Thunder. Blue Thunder is actually technically possible to build, and it’s been done. Even though some of the things that Airwolf does is not possible, it still kicks ass. In my opinion, they were as great as each other.
Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here’s the official blurb explaining the whole situation…
“This briefing is from file A56-7W. Classified Top Secret. Subject is, Airwolf.
A Mach 1+ attack helicopter with the most advanced weapons system in the air today. It’s been hidden somewhere in the Western United States by it’s test pilot Stringfellow Hawke. Hawke has promised to return Airwolf only if we can find his brother, St. John, an MIA in Vietnam.
We suspect that Archangel, deputy director of the agency that built Airwolf is secretly helping Hawk in return for Hawke flying Airwolf on missions of national concern.
Stringfellow Hawk is 34, a brilliant combat pilot. His only friend is Dominic Santini, who’s air service is the cover for their government work.
With Hawk and Santini working as a team and flying at speeds rivalling the fastest jets, maxed by unmatched firepower, Airwolf is too dangerous to be left in unenlightened hands. Finding it is your first priority.”

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