Saturday afternoons at 3pm if my memory serves me correctly Waylon Jennings would start singing, ‘Just the good ol’ boys, never meaning no harm……‘ over the top of an orange Dodge Charger on our screens thrashing through the back lanes, jumping and kicking up dust on every corner. Yes itsContinue Reading

Derek Lowe Poster Night The Red Sox gave out posters of then-closer Derek Lowe, who entered the game with a 3-run lead, which he promptly blew. After that, the posters started getting thrown onto the field, to the point where they had to delay the game for 15 minutes toContinue Reading

Reckoning is a 1981 live double album by the Grateful Dead. It consists of acoustic material recorded live in September and October 1980. Some of the tracks are shortened versions of the live performances. The material recorded in 1980 was originally intended for release on one double LP set. ButContinue Reading