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Speed Racer is a teenager who drives a special sports car, the Mach 5, in races throughout the world. The Mach 5, designed by his father, a retired professional racer, contains features that enable Speed to drive over any terrain and through any obstacles.

Speed has to use them often, since he frequently meets unscrupulous competitors and international criminals who try and fix the races in their own favour.

Speed is often accompanied by his girlfriend Trixie, his kid brother Spridle, and Spridle’s pet chimp Chim-chim. The fast-paced adventures of this brave foursome, in exotic settings around the globe, prove that quick wits and fair play are always sure winners!

What a crock of crap that description was, but hey it’s what it says on the video case. I don’t personally remember Speed Racer, but it was mentioned to me by someone so I decided to investigate.

My first impression? Cheese! Very cheesy. It’s a typical “let over exaggerate the situation” Japanese cartoon. You can tell that before it’s even started by just listening to the theme music.

Let’s imagine the scene. You’re taking your lunch break and walk into your local sandwich shop. Let’s cut to a scene showing the selection of sandwiches. “Oh my god! They only have cheese and pickle sandwiches left!”. Cue dramatic music and show still scene of the two main characters with shocked faces, wide open eyes that look like they are about to cry, with huge open mouths. You’ve just recreated a scene from Speed Racer. As I said, cheese!

I’m sure if I watched it as a kid I would have been glued to the TV set ,and ranting about how wonderful it is now. But from what I have seen, experiencing it for the first time I have a craving for some mature cheddar.

 All that aside it was a show I watched as a kid and enjoyed very much

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