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A special education teacher for 16 years is protesting the move by Manteca, CA. school officials that has him on paid leave, barred from being near children.
Leo Bennett-Cauchon said he was simply doing what was best for an 8-year-old boy with severe autism when he made contact with the child in early February.
“I’ve been trained, if a student asks for a hug, you give a hug. I admit completely that I hugged him and let him sit in my lap when he said ‘sit.’ I picked him up when he said ‘up.’ This is a child that needs that physical contact,” Bennett-Cauchon said.
The teacher has many supporters, including the boy’s own mother.
“He has my full support,” Sharon Anaya said. “That’s why I felt that this should have remained at a school district level investigation, rather than involving police.”
The mother of a student whose teacher was suspended for giving her son a hug says she supports the teacher. (Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015) News10
The school district contacted the Manteca Police Department to investigate. Police said they’re looking into the possibility there were “repeated acts of inappropriate behavior” and “there could be multiple victims.”
Bennett-Cauchon said others may have concerns that he hugs his students, but he said he teaches kids who are homeless, who have been in the foster care system and sometimes they just need a hug.
Bennett-Cauchon will be off the job while the incident is investigated by police and the school district. The police investigation is expected to last up to four weeks.

Ok let me get this straight, A school district has a teacher who has a difficult job of working with special needs kids and their unique issues and they are not capable of doing any type investigation on their own but simply call the police because they are so fucked up and incompetent.

Next I suppose they are going to suspend a student for sharing food with another hungry student, OH WAIT THEY ARE DOING THAT ALREADY!

Next they will suspend a student who comes to the aid of a student being bullied, OH WAIT THEY DO THAT TOO!

What the fuck exactly is it they want our kids to learn these days in school?  To learn be totally insensitive, uncaring people as adults? That is the example they are setting for the kids.

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4 Replies to “Dipshits of the day: Manteca School district, Give a hug to a special needs student we call the police (huh? WTF?)”

  1. this teacher has been hurting kids for years funny they would suspend him for hugging should of been 2012 when I reported him for using his elbow and hand to keep a child’s head on her desk. get all the facts before attacking his removal. he should get jail time

    1. OK Teres tell me the facts and everyone will know. And get jail time for hugging a kid?
      You also said he has been doing it for years so please inform us all of your information and I will post it. You also note my poll where all the people feel different.

    2. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Just for info, I always do a cursory google check on things like this and I found nothing about any past issues. Since your comment I have done it again and still find nothing from the past and it also included a article from the Manteca newspaper on his protest but no prior issues.
      I am not really sure what else you want me to do on this to get more facts. I am hoping you can enlighten me to what your are referring to and I will post for all to see.

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