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The Times of India has an account of the strangest wedding you’ll hear about in a while: When the groom had an epileptic fit during the ceremony and was taken to the hospital, the bride picked a new groom from among the guests and married him instead.

The 23-year-old woman, Indira, was reportedly angry that her husband-to-be’s medical condition had been kept secret. She announced that she’d instead be willing to marry a man named Harpal Singh, the brother of her sister’s husband. He agreed, and they got hitched on the spot.

The original groom, Jugal Kishore, then returned from the hospital and tried unsuccessfully to convince his almost-bride to change her mind, and the newspaper reports that things got a little testy between the families.

The BBC confirms the account by talking to a local police official, who says groom No. 1’s family filed a police complaint. “But since the bride is already married now, what can anyone do?” he says. “So the families have resolved the matter and the complaint has been withdrawn.”

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