Modesto considers adding second deputy city manager

Modesto could have two deputy city managers for the first time in more than a decade under a reorganization the City Council will consider Tuesday night.

Modesto to pay restaurant $100,000 in courthouse deal

Modesto will pay $100,000 to the owners of Gervasoni’s Restaurant to help them re-establish their business, which has to move to make way for a new downtown courthouse.

Modesto mayor calls for public safety tax

In an interview after his speech, Marsh said he was considering a temporary half-cent sale tax increase, which would end after a set number of years. He said such a tax could raise about $13 million annually for public safety.

That would go a long way toward restoring Modesto’s general fund budget, which has dropped from about $120 million to about $100 million in several years. About two-thirds of the general fund is spent on public safety.

So let me get this straight, The city of Modesto who keeps spending money on a State project, (new courthouse), And sold property worth more than $1,000,000 for $286,000, In this same state project. Gives a business owner $140,000 to relocate, (The state should have done this), And now wants to hire a second city manager, To do the job one is doing for some time now, And give both raises, 

Then puts their hand out in the name of public safety for more taxes. And this money is to be put in the general fund to be used at will for more of these poor business decisions that are wasting taxpayer money on a regular basis. (there are many more stories of wasted developer money too). I certainly hope people do not fall for this line of crap with all the waste in Guvment these days.

I also ask when is the last time we saw a temporary tax that actually was temporary? They never seem to go away.