Its the law!!!: Montana

Dumb Laws in Montana
Prostitution is considered a “crime against the family”.
One may not pretend to abuse an animal in the presence of a minor.
It is a misdemeanor to show movies that depict acts of felonious crime.
In Montana, it is illegal for married women to go fishing alone on Sundays, and illegal for unmarried women to fish alone at all.
It is illegal for a man and a woman to have sex in any other position other than missionary style.
Seven or more indians are considered a raiding or war party and it is legal to shoot them.
It is illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone.
It is a felony for a wife to open her husband’s mail.
City Laws in Montana
No person shall raise pet rats.
Persons in possession of a “pea shooter” risk it being conviscated by police.
It is illegal to bring a bomb or rocket at city council proceedings.
Bands who play in clubs where alcohol is served may not leave the stage while performing.
It is illegal to use speed-dial in the city phone system.
Excelsior Springs
Hard objects may not be thrown by hand.
Worrying squirrels will not be tolerated.
Balls may not be thrown within the city limits.
It is illegal to annoy passersby on sidewalks with a revolving water sprinkler.
The game of “folf” may not be played at night.
No item may be thrown across a street.
All pool tables must be able to be viewed from the street outside a billiard hall where they are located.

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