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Jesse Mach was a motorcycle cop. I say was, because he had a bit of a run-in with some naughty men which resulted in his knee being busted up and his friend Marty being killed. He was destined to never ride a motorcycle again, but to be shunted into the Public Relations office where he would spend the rest of his life smiling at people.

That was until Norman Tutle came along. Norman was working on a government top-secret hush hush don’t even tell your mum or imaginary friend project called Street Hawk. Street Hawk is a state-of-the art combat motorcycle that goes really fast and has some nice weapons etc. etc. A bit like Knightrider, but on two wheels.

Jesse signs up for Operation Streethawk, they fix his flanged knee and he gets to ride a motorcycle again. But since it’s still hush hush, he still has to work in the Public Relations office at the local precinct.
Jesse and Norman are complete opposites. Jesse is more of a bang-bang wallop bash type of guy who just wants to have a bit of fun, while Norman is more of a oh dear where have I left my slippers type of guy. Surprisingly between them they make a good team that battles against crime.

Lasted only one season but I really liked it.

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