Yeah lets bad mouth your employer again………………..

The brouhaha with Global Aerospace Logistics came about after it denied his request for more US sick leave so he could attend to his back. After what the AP describes as a “particularly unsatisfactory phone call,” Pate let loose on GAL via a Facebook mechanics group. He says he doesn’t recall specifics, except calling his supervisors “backstabbers” and cautioning other contractors; he also reportedly went off on UAE life, the BBC notes, and his fiancee says he referenced “filthy Arabs.” When he got back to Abu Dhabi intending to end his employment with GAL, the cops showed him screenshots of his posts and informed him GAL had filed charges against him for violating cyberlaws that ban going online to “mock or deride organizations and individuals,” per the BBC.

I am one who wholeheartedly believes in free speech but there needs to be a line drawn when you start to be disrespectful.

Any employer is going to take action if you go on social media to run them down, Only a idiot does this, And takes away his financial means.

 A recent post I did talked about a idiot gal bad mouthed her job the day before starting then promptly lost it.

Think through a bit folks.


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