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On February 15,2015 I put up post about a Manteca, Ca. teacher who was suspended after giving a hug to a special needs student. When I put up post like that I do a cursory search for information or background on these type things. I did not find any information other than the National media picking up on the story. Here is the link to that story:
If you go to the comments section at the bottom there was a comment made by a Teresa Zeller on March 3rd, and she felt the teacher should go to jail for previous actions against kids. Here is her comment in full:

“this teacher has been hurting kids for years funny they would suspend him for hugging should of been 2012 when I reported him for using his elbow and hand to keep a child’s head on her desk. get all the facts before attacking his removal. he should get jail time”

I believe in letting people say their minds and this comment has not been edited in any way. You notice I made a couple of replies which she has not responded to. I also have her email addy when she signed up to comment and sent her a message asking for more information so I could share with all. I have received no response.
People love to tell others they need to check their facts when posting or commenting but then are not willing to share the facts when asked after making a comment about the teachers previous actions. The only way for me to “check the facts” is to talk to people who have witnessed these things, and she claimed she had seen things. Her lack of response shows me she has no credibility and is just trying to draw attention to herself to look as if she is in the “KNOW” on this,
Also note her email addy comes back to Manteca but her IP address showed from out of the country.
I do a lot of blogging all over the internet and this type stuff is common. If she is as outraged as she claimed to be in her original comment then she would be more than willing to tell the world what she knows and has seen.
It must be noted too the mother of the child was in full support of the teacher and she was in the video posted.

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