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When law enforcement agencies began adopting TASER technology, it was meant to be an alternative to using their sidearm. But instead, more and more police are using them as cattle prods to make people toe the line. You need to ask yourself, if someone was hiding in a closet and refused to come out, should an officer be justified in shooting him in the chest?

Of course this sort of thing is not justified. Why then would it be justified to use a TASER device on him?

The way this story is presented, this guy died because of sheer police laziness.

When they arrived, Guerrero hid in a closet and refused to come out, Pridgen said. Officers shot Guerrero with a Taser stun gun after asking him twice to come out.

Guerrero died from the jolt, after which police tried to claim self defense:

“They had dealt with him before and had a history with him,” Pridgen said. “They believed he might have had a weapon.”

Nice attempt at a cover up. Why not just sprinkle some crack on him.

First of all, the TASER is not a “stun gun”. Calling it a “stun gun” is a clever way to make it’s use seem innocuous. I’m not saying that Guerrero was an angel, but “asking him twice” and then ZAP, you’re dead, seems a little impatient to me.

I’m just glad my mother didn’t have one of those on nights that she served meatloaf. I can see her asking me twice to come to dinner and then ZAP, I’m dead.

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