The devil’s pants. This lawmaker really has a problem with yoga pants. A lawmaker in Montana wants to take yoga pants off the streets. Rep. David Moore introduced a bill Tuesday that would have expanded the definition of indecent exposure to include garments that show off a person’s buttocks, genitalsContinue Reading

The state Department of Motor Vehicles estimated a minimum charge of $19,950 in response to an Associated Press reporter’s request last fall to determine whether poor people had their driver’s licenses suspended at a disproportionate rate. The AP requested the number of suspended driver’s licenses by ZIP code, but theContinue Reading

Anyone keeping a close eye on the Death of Eric Garner page at Wikipedia might have noticed a series of edits, some more subtle than others, that cast the NYPD in a positive light. Capital New York reveals the reason: They were made by people at the NYPD. The websiteContinue Reading