Detroit’s ‘Walking Man’ A new home. New money. A new car. New friends And some old friends who aren’t friends anymore. In the days after his sudden fame, walking man James Robertson moved twice in three weeks so that he could elude those hounding him for money — ultimately filingContinue Reading

A British Airways flight was forced to turn around and land over the weekend because somebody did a shit so bad the plane was essentially rendered useless. Imagine living your life in the knowledge that you once turded so appallingly that a 747-400 had to turn around and land. YourContinue Reading

There was once a day when illegal immigrants tried to hide the fact that they were blatantly violating immigration laws, but now, not only do they break the law in record numbers, but they are protesting for easier access to the American border. Honduran Immigrants rallied in Mexico City thisContinue Reading

In a few weeks, Seattle’s new, highest in the country, $15 per hour minimum wage will go into effect. Like many liberal policies, it was passed by City Hall with the best of intentions. The only problem is, in the end, it may do more harm than good for many. PrivateContinue Reading

.”Reflections of My Life” was a 1969/1970 hit single for the Scottish band, The Marmalade.[1] It was written by their lead guitarist Junior Campbell, and singer Dean Ford (born Thomas McAleese).[2] Released in late 1969, it was the band’s first release on Decca following an earlier spell at CBS.[3] ItContinue Reading