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.”Reflections of My Life” was a 1969/1970 hit single for the Scottish band, The Marmalade.[1] It was written by their lead guitarist Junior Campbell, and singer Dean Ford (born Thomas McAleese).[2] Released in late 1969, it was the band’s first release on Decca following an earlier spell at CBS.[3] It went on to chart worldwide, reaching #3 in the UK Singles Chart in 1969,[1] and #10 in the US in 1970 on the Billboard Hot 100.[4][5] Initial sales were significant in both countries, and the one million mark was reported in November 1971, when the group was presented with a gold disc for global sales.[3] The track featured a lead vocal by Ford backed by vocal harmonies, and included a reverse tape guitar solo by Campbell.

“Reflections of My Life” has produced sales of over two million units. In 1998 the writers were awarded a Special Citation of Achievement by the BMI for attaining radio broadcast performances in excess of one million in the US alone.

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