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BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) – Two Boise parents said they pulled their student from school at South Junior High after another student, who is transgender, was allowed to use the girls bathroom.

Pauline Adams and Jacob Smith were upset when they found out from their daughter last week that a transgender student was allowed to choose the bathroom they preferred.

The student was born a boy, but identifies and dresses as a girl.

Smith said he doesn’t feel it’s appropriate for kids to be able to choose at that age.

“We would not allow our child to share a restroom simultaneously at home so why would we be OK with it at school,” Smith said.

After not getting the response she hoped for from the school, Adams says she made the choice to remove her child from classes.

She worries it will go beyond just restrooms.

“When does it go to the locker rooms are you going to be OK with this,” she said. “Are we going to allow our school district to make these decisions without asking (or) informing us? It’s not OK.”

KBOI contacted the Boise School District to ask what its policy is when it comes to issues like this.

“The Office of Civil Rights has informed all schools that they must provide access to the facility of the transgendered students’ choice,” the statement reads.

Smith and Adams said they believe the student truly is a girl besides her anatomy.

During their interview both cited privacy and safety as their main concerns.

KBOI asked the couple why this isn’t an issue for those who already use the facilities and why some people might say this doesn’t seem like a big issue.

“I’ve heard a lot of that same response but this isn’t just setting a rule for this one kid,” said Smith. “This is also allowing, if a female chose to go to school who thought she should be a boy. This is also allowing her to choose to use the mens room. There is not as much privacy in the mens room.”

Smith and Adams said they plan to keep their daughter out of school until something is changed, or even possibly even switch schools.

They suggested that the school have the option of unisex bathrooms.

Seriously folks the schools are out of touch with reality, Proper procedures need to be put in place. And notify parents.

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    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      CPS would be a fate worse than the swat, But now the school will probably report them.

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