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 Original Run: 1988-91
Creators: William Broyles Jr., John Sacret Young
Stars: Dana Delaney, Nan Woods, Michael Boatman, Marg Helgenberger, Robert Picardo, Tim Ryan, Ricki Lake
Network: ABC
Focusing on the women (and men) behind the front lines of the Vietnam War, this groundbreaking drama was distinct from many of the other TV series that tackled war. Set on the beach that housed both a hospital and a rest and recreation center, Dana Delaney headlined as nurse Colleen Murphy. Colleen often served as the audience point-of-view into the war and how it affected not only the soldiers but those who supported them. The innovative series did not shy away from the horrors of combat and often featured real-life veterans. Critically acclaimed but low rated, China Beach lasted for only four seasons but like many shows its legacy has grown since its untimely cancellation.

I personal liked this one if for nothing else watching Dana Delaney!!!

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