Lets interfere with the animals in the wild shall we?

Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race, or scare away peeping Toms for that matter.

A giant male tortoise was not amused when a National Geographic explorer interrupted a lovemaking session.

A video uploaded to YouTube on March 19 shows Paul Rose and his camera crew stumble upon a pair of mating tortoises while filming on Assumption Island in the Seychelles.

The angry male tries to chase Rose and the cameraman away, but can’t move fast enough to nip at their legs.

“This is the male saying, ‘Hey I think you’ve you interrupted my mating session,'” Rose says to the camera.

The tortoise chases Rose very slowly in a “400 yard circuit” but eventually gives up.

And Rose isn’t the most humble winner.

“See you buddy! I’m faster than you after all,” he says.

I am always amazed that these So Called Explorers can go around and “FUCK” with animals in nature just to get a byte of film, They do come out with some great videos at times but at what cost to the animals in the wild?

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