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A story of early morning abduction, a ransom and a woman missing for days appears to not be what it seems. Investigators Wednesday night said based on the information they have, it appears the reported kidnapping of Denise Huskins was an “orchestrated event” and “not a kidnapping”.

Huskins, who lived in Vallejo with her boyfriend Aaron Quinn, went missing Monday morning, launching a large-scale search effort using officers from several agencies around California. She was found in Southern California Wednesday morning; Vallejo Police say she has retained a lawyer and has not spoken with investigators.

Vallejo and FBI officers arranged for a jet to bring Huskins from Huntington Beach to Northern California for an interview, and to return home. “As of this moment, Detectives have been unable to contact either Ms. Huskins or family members” a press release from the Vallejo Police Department stated.

Huskins was reported missing Monday afternoon by Quinn, who told police she had been forcibly taken against her will from their Vallejo home sometime early in the morning.

Investigators now say the story was a lie. During a Wednesday night press conference, police said the initial ransom note asked for $8,500 for Huskins’ return. Federal investigators are looking into Huskins and her boyfriend’s financial situation.

I hope they both go to jail for this type bullshit………

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