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Timothy Robenhorst will not stand for having a bully as a son and the results are going viral.

According to the Daily Mail, Robenhorst was not happy to learn his son Kayden had been bullying another student at his Wisconsin middle school and took matters into his own hands.

Robenhorst is seen standing next to his son in a photo posted on Facebook explaining the situation and what Kayden would now have to do to right his wrongdoings.

According to the photo, Kayden would be responsible for: 50 push-ups on his fists, 10 incline push-ups, running 1 mile at 4:30 a.m., doing landscaping work and most importantly apologizing “to the boy I bullied in school in front of the whole class today 3-18-15.”

Kayden’s father then made him post the sign on social media. To date the boy’s Facebook post has been shared more than 1,500 times.

The photo was posted with this message: “This is what happens when dad finds out you are being a bully at school. My golden rule is you don’t start fights or touch anyone unless they lay hands on you first. Feel free to tell Kayden how wrong it is to be a bully or share stories to help him understand the effects of these actions on the victims. DO NOT ATTACK MY SON THIS IS TO BE A POSITIVE ACTION NOT NEGATIVE. *******PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS AS WELL TO HELP STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING OTHER PLACES AS WELL! THANK YOU!”

The Daily Mail reports Kayden also apologized to his victim in front of his whole class at Pulaski Middle School.

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