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– A high school student in Milpitas, California scored himself a prom date with a creative proposal that also got him suspended for two days, CBS San Francisco reports.

Milpitas High School senior Miguel Gonzalez borrowed a horse from a friend’s ranch and saddled up before moseying down to campus with a sign in hand ready to ask Catalina Hernandez to the dance. The proposal was captured on cell phone cameras.

Gonzalez got the girl, but he also got suspended from school after the principal said someone could have been hurt by the horse walking on campus, the Mercury News reported.

“The boy was disciplined for his actions due to the potential threat that riding a horse on campus presented to other students who were walking in the same pat as the horse. The boy did not lose his prom, and will be allowed to go to the dance,” deputy superintendent for the Milpitas Unified School District Cheryl Jordan told the Mercury News in an email.

Gonzalez, who had never been in trouble at school before told the paper that his “only regret is not actually talking to the principal beforehand.”

Another fucking idiot suppressive school administrator not allowing kids to be kids and punishing them for something that could have happened.

That is like a cop writing a ticket to a high end car that is parked because it could have been speeding once.

watcha gotta say?

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