Things haven’t gone too well for the former CFO who criticized Chick-fil-A in a video he posted on YouTube. Unable to find lasting work, 37-year-old Adam Smith is living on food stamps with his wife and four kids in the RV they call home, he tells ABC News. “I thinkContinue Reading

‘I Went Without Electricity, There Were Days I Didn’t Eat’: The Fury of a Man Forced to Pay Child Support For 13 Years to a Girl He’s Never Met Despite a DNA Test Proving She’s Not His In yet another example of how our society discriminates against men, a TexasContinue Reading

You know what’s gross? Blood. You know what’s even grosser? THAT kind of blood. Yeah, because it’s not enough for women to give birth, do laundry, AND take care of men…they also need their abdomen turned inside out once a month. Fun. Oh, and this article gets grosser, so readerContinue Reading