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Joey Garron, 28, Robert Johnson and Ketorie Glover, both 23, were arrested on charges of rape, kidnapping, arson, aggravated assault, aggravated sodomy, and hijacking a motor vehicle among other felony charges according to Columbus Police Sergeant John McMichael’s February 16, 2014 news release.

The 3 men have been accused of using the 36-year old victim’s car to drive her to a vacant lot where they allegedly raped her, set her on fire, and fired bullets into her while fleeing the scene.

The incident occurred early New Years Day 2014 at a party on Garden Drive in Columbus, Georgia. The female victim was engaged in a heated rap battle that turned serious when one of the accused pulled out a gun and told her to get into her car.

The two other men, one of them also strapped, got into the car as well and the trio drove the victim to a vacant lot at 988 Farr Road in Columbus.

At the vacant lot, the three men raped her and poured gasoline over the victim and her car. The 3 alleged criminals then set her and the car ablaze. Finally, the trio shot her several times as they walked away.

Police arrived at the vacant lot around 7:40 AM in response to reports of a woman crying for help and found the victim hurt but alive. She was treated at Midtown Medical Center.

Of course black lives matter!!!

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