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“How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” is a song written in 1983 by Doug James and Michael Bolton three years after Mike Moran’s song “What Would I be Doin Without you” [3] was presented to Love / Zager, the publishing company that Michael Bolton was working for. The ballad has been recorded by dozens of artists around the world, in English and Spanish, becoming something of a modern pop standard. Instrumental versions of the song have been recorded featuring variously the piano, guitar, saxophone, pan flute, steel drum, and music box. Bolton’s own rendition of the song became a worldwide hit in early 1990.

How Am I Supposed to Live Without You was first performed by actress Lisa Hartman as a music video on the nighttime soap opera Knots Landing.[1] The song then was supposed to be recorded by the duo Air Supply. But when Arista President Clive Davis asked for permission to change the lyrics of the chorus, Bolton refused, and Davis released the song.[2] Subsequently Laura Branigan recorded it as written, and it became the first major hit for the two songwriters. The recording career of Michael Bolton would not take off until 1987.

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