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A woman who police say was driving drunk took a memorable booking photo when she stuck her tongue out.

Linda MacDonald, 55, of Shelburne, MA, was charged with driving under the influence after police were called to the site of a crash Monday night. No one was hurt in the single-vehicle crash, police said.

MacDonald told police the crash occurred because she was lost. She was on the phone and writing down directions when she tried to take an exit and crashed into a fence, according to police.

After police responded to the crash, they discovered MacDonald had been drinking, and she failed a breath test. Her blood alcohol level was found to be 0.1.

This isn’t the first tongue-out mugshot to go viral this year. In Fresno, a 31-year-old was arrested after pulling out a knife in public, and he had a similar mugshot. Police didn’t find that one funny, either.

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