A clever Houston man is losing his custom license plate because of what it says when it’s flipped upside down.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is onto Safer Hassan, who has been driving around with “370H55V”ass personalized plates slapped on his car for three years, he told KPRC 2 News.

“People have no idea what that plate means,” he said. “My closest friends don’t even know.”

The seemingly random jumble of letters and numbers spells out “a—–e” when it’s turned 180 degrees — and the DMV is not pleased.

Officials have revoked the license plate, which they deemed offensive, according to reports. The department sent Hassan a letter saying it would be canceled in 30 days.

Curse words, references to sex acts and excretory functions are prohibited from specialty license plates in Texas, the Houston Chronicle reported. Derogatory references and violent threats are also forbidden.

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