Ten Southern California deputies have been placed on leave after news video showed them kicking and beating an identity-theft suspect who fell off a stolen horse during a three-hour pursuit that ended in the desert, the San Bernardino County sheriff announced Friday.

Jared Pusok

Sheriff John McMahon said the force used by his deputies Thursday afternoon while arresting 30-year-old Francis Jared Pusok, a convicted felon, “appears to be excessive,” he said at a news conference.

He said he was “disturbed and troubled” by what he saw in the video shot by a KNBC-TV helicopter crew about 3 p.m. Thursday.

“It appears in the beginning his hands were behind his back, then his hands moved,” McMahon said. “There is some information that he may be kicking at one point. Regardless, at the end of the day it appears to be excessive. It does not appear to be in line with our policies and procedures.”

He appealed for patience as the department and the district attorney investigate the action of Pusok and the deputies.

The FBI said Friday night that it has opened an investigation into whether the deputies violated the suspect’s civil rights.

McMahon did not name the deputies placed on paid administrative leave. He said their identities may be made public after the department investigates alleged threats made against them since the video appeared.

After apparently being thrown from the horse in the rugged high desert of Victor Valley, about 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles, Pusok falls to the ground with his arms out after being shot with a Taser, the video shows. Two deputies then pounce on him, punching him in the head and kneeing him in the groin.

Other deputies then arrived, and KNBC reported that in the two minutes after Pusok was hit by the Taser, deputies appeared to kick him 17 times, punch him 37 times and hit him with batons four times. The station said 13 blows appeared to be to Pusok’s head.

Pusok did not appear to move while lying face down for more than 45 minutes, and the deputies did not appear to offer medical attention. He was arrested and taken to an unspecified area hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Hey you fucking dickheads: This is the video age everyone can see you and everything you do. Get a fucking clue!!!


  1. I just did a post about the proliferation of cameras in today’s society.

        1. You are right and I am starting to think that is very much needed.

  2. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    “But it’s only a few bad apples” “All cops aren’t that way”

    Must be a lot of bad apples-cuz we aint seeing no good ones lately.

    1. I saw and you are right, I am former Law Enforcement myself but do not like what I see these days. There is a them against us attitude and people pay in the wrong ways.

      1. A county sheriff in Indiana said that America is a battleground,and the citizens are the enemy when asked why he needed a MRAP when it was a mostly rural county.

        The guys I know who are in law enforcement all agree the sheriff’s an as*wipe,and so are the rest of the cops with that attitude-the are either retired,or on their way out now because of all the BS going on.

  3. When I was starting out I was trained to be totally paranoid about everyone and everything, And now that attitude appears to have progressed substantially. I left several years ago due to health but I was ready to get out.
    The #1 problem I see with cops these days is the way they dress. Many now look like they are in a war zone and the public does not like it. Then look at the equipment used in everyday uses.

  4. And now he will be a millionaire felon… so how you like him now? And that’s better pay than one beat down in the ufc.

    1. He has those idiot deputies to thank for that, All because they want a personal pound of flesh.

  5. http://www.vvng.com/felon-arrested-for-shooting-a-dog/
    Francis Jared Pusok Address –
    21157 Del Oro Rd Apple Valley CA 92308
    Convicted Felon Francis Jared Pusok Invaded our home at 4am on Monday April 06, 2015 while my family slept in house he cut open my fence, cut pad lock off my gate, jumped my block wall, entered my garage, entered my home, stole my street bike, my lock and cable and violated our family. What would of happened if one of us or our dogs would of encounter him? We are offended at the publics reaction to the police encounter with him. The public didn’t encounter him. He sought out this attention. You don’t invade someone’s home or steal in the dead of night and expect to be greeted with less than deadly force.
    Our house was not the only one robbed and damaged by him. It won’t be the last either. He shot his girlfriend’s dog. If my dogs were outside, what of his plan to do with mine? My wife can’t sleep due to the situation he created. She worries that none of us are safe. Our daughter is scared to come home, our son is concered about leaving our home unattended and our other son is fearful to leave his children at our home over night now. This Francis Jared Pusok individual is broken and can’t be rehabilitated. His girlfriend is aware of his criminal behavior and allows him to store stole property at their home, where their children live. She has received stolen property, protects and supports Francis Jared Pusok criminal behavior. Law Enforcement recovered my street bike on Thursday April 09, 2015. Still have missing property, property damage and other issues caused by Francis Jared Pusok.

    1. And your point is???? The behavior of the deputies does not stop this activity nor make the streets safer.
      He will probably not be charged in this crime now because of the street justice used and now the deputies have no credibility.
      Do not get me wrong I have no doubt this asshole is a shit bird to the max and needs to be removed from society, But the actions of the deputies does not help the law abiding citizens and will only make Mr. ass wipes financial future very rosy.

    2. Okay, so you’re a victim. You have every right to be outraged – I know I would be and I’d have been cheering when he got his ass kicked. Matter of fact, I’d download that video and watch it every night.
      But it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s not the cop’s job to punish. He has his Sixth Amendment Right to a trial by jury – it’s one of the principles this country was founded on.
      Look at it this way – you’re one of the very few people in this instant that got some satisfaction out of it without any reprisal.

  6. Maybe those victims should sue this asswipe for his new found winnings, That was graciously provided by the sheriffs dept.

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